Frequently asked Fuel Injector Questions.

Are fuel injectors standardized?
Injectors are now fitted in standard sizes on all vehicles produced and sold in America.

Does the brand of Fuel Injector Matter?
Not nearly as much as the whether the flow rate is consistent.

Why does even flow rate matter?
In situations where the flow rate is different on cylinders 1 and 4, serious knocking, loss of power, and other horsepower robbing symptoms can occur. The test stand to the left, shows injectors with different flow rates.

How do I test my fuel injectors on my vehicle?
Today there are no means available to properly check the functionality of fuel injectors while they are installed in the vehicle. In addition, if the injector is not working properly it is impossible for the technician to adjust the engine properly. The only way to test the injectors is to remove them, and test them on a test stand, seen above.

What are some common signs of my fuel injectors failing?
Lacquering of inlet valves, excessive bore wear, carbonizing of computer sensors, clogging of catalytic converters, could all be a result of poor injector performance.

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